ZEN Design was founded in 2004 by 4 partners, from the right Marcio Cusin, Cleber Luis, Pedro da Ré and Diogo Larentis in the small town of Bento Gonçalves in the South of Brazil. The region is the heart of Brazil’s furniture and cabinet industry. ZEN Design develops and manufactures a high quality collection of Decorative Bath, Cabinet and Door Hardware. The product is displayed and sold in over 1000 retail locations thru out the country as well as part of the offering of over 500 Brazilian cabinet manufactures.

Inspired by the need to transform the urban home into a shelter, ZEN designs products that value harmony and the environment. ZEN’s design brings more comfort and spirit to the everyday life. That is why ZEN is more than just a simple company name. Its true mission is to provide a quality life and peacefulness to its consumers.

In February of 2014 ZEN Design exhibited its products for the first time in Las Vegas at the Kitchen & Bath Show. The show was a complete success. The feedback and interest in ZEN's unique, elegant and modern designs was overwhelming. ZEN realized that there is a demand in the North American market for its unique, elegant and modern design and decided to start approaching the market with a selected program that is stocked today in Deerfield Beach, Florida to serve the Canada, USA and the Caribbean markets.


 Our homes are small spas, where each object has a therapeutic role that affects us directly and daily. Thinking about it, Zen Design devotes great care in designing their collections as a result of the talent of award-winning designer Cleber Luis. Renowned professional in the area, Cleber received 1st place and honorable mention by the Brazilian House Museum in 2006, besides being the creative mind behind countless objects that have become a reference in the world of design and decoration.


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